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How to sub categorize the ChatBot FAQ topics?

1 minuteread

The FAQ area is purposefully limited as there are better options to handle large Knowledgebase. There are two ways any need for more comprehensive FAQ can be addressed:

1. Using the DialogFlow you can create a truly human like question answer experience for your user with the power of Natural Language Processing. Add your FAQ questions as an Intent and the answer as the intent text response. Then you can use Dialogflow’s machine learning capability to get the bot answer almost any question as the ChatBot directly connects with your DF agent and automatically matches with all available intents you create there.

2. Alternatively, you can get the Extended search addon for WoowBot – which will enable the ChatBot to search your custom post types. If you already have FAQs on your site then they are probably as custom post types. With the addon, the ChatBot will search them and display all matching results.

You can get more information about the ChatBot addons here: https://www.quantumcloud.com/products/chatbot-addons/

We also have a KnowledgeBase plugin if you need that for a section wise Konwledgebase: https://www.quantumcloud.com/products/knowledgebase-helpdesk/

1 minuteread

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