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The plugin has caused a fatal error!

1 minuteread

If you get a fatal error when you try to activate one of our plugins, then it may be that the plugin didn’t install correctly.

How to fix the fatal error when you activate a plugin

  1. If the error includes the words “failed to open stream: No such file or directory in………” then it is a permissions error on your server. You will get the same error when you try to activate any plugin on your website – the problem isn’t specific to our plugin. You need to ask your host to change the permissions so that you can activate plugins. You will then be able to activate the plugin.
  2. If you get any other fatal error, please delete the plugin and re-install it.
  3. If your PHP version is below 5.6 – please upgrade the PHP version on your server and try again
  4. If you are upgrading from the free/lite version, you must delete the free version first and install only the pro version once
  5. If that doesn’t help, please send us a support request with your WordPress admin login and FTP details and we will fix it for you.