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What is an Infographic Really? Simply put an Infographic is a visual representation of information using elements such as charts, images, and text. “a good infographic is worth a thousand words” So, in principle, an infographic can have three building blocks – Texts, Images and Charts laid out in a visually impressive manner to convey some idea that anyone can easily grasp. Most often than not, infographics take the form of a List. Because it

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*WooCommerce* shops now have JARVIS! JARVIS is first of its kind shop assistant for WooCommerce that shows recent user activities, provides advanced search, shows cart, featured products, store notifications – all in one place from any page of your website without leaving the current page. This is a noble approach to persuade buyers to order from your woocommerce website. When activated, JARVIS sits there *floating* at the right bottom corner of website and offers helpful

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