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How to use video background with Slider Hero

1 minuteread

To create a carousel slider a video as background all you need to do is add a video from Video Settings tab.

For Youtube Video you will need to add the Video ID from the youtube link. A normal youtube video link is like this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NL88kFnAD9s . You will need to enter just the last part which is NL88kFnAD9s in this case.

With the pro version you can also upload a custom video and show that or use a video from Vimeo!
Once you do that you can just create normal slides that will be shown in carousel modes.

Please note that when a Video is used as background it will show on top of any background image or color.

Please  check this video tutorial for more details:
1 minuteread

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