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*WooCommerce* shops now have JARVIS! JARVIS is first of its kind shop assistant for WooCommerce that shows recent user activities, provides advanced search, shows cart, featured products, store notifications – all in one place from any page of your website without leaving the current page. This is a noble approach to persuade buyers to order from your woocommerce website. When activated, JARVIS sits there *floating* at the right bottom corner of website and offers helpful

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What is iList? iList is first of its kind WordPress plugin to build dynamic Infographics and elegant Lists effortlessly. Create HTML & Responsive infographics or simple Text or Image Lists easily. Then embed the list/s on any WordPress page or post with short codes! This is a new way to create or curate useful contents easily and quickly and display them with elegant designs. Create simple text lists, image lists or infograhics that your users

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Comment Link Remove WordPress Plugin Comment Link Remove WordPress plugin removes author link and any other links from the user comments. If you run a blog or WordPress website with comments enabled, there is no getting away from comment spammers. Usually the comment spammers main goal is to get a do-follow or no-follow link from your website. Comment Link Remove WordPress plugin empowers you with the options to remove author website hyperlink and cleaning up

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Google PageSpeed Friendly Analytics Tracking Plugin for WordPress   QuantumCloud PageSpeed Friendly Analytics Tracking Plugin for WordPress does the simple job of adding tracking code to your WordPress website in all pages. But in addition to that it solves another annoying issue with google pagespeed. Have you ever tried to increase your pagespeed score in google pagespeed insight? If you did, then you most likely ran into an annoying issue as part of the last few

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Simple Link Directory WordPress PlugIn by QuantumCloud What is Simple Link Directory? Simple Link Directory is a unique and advanced solution to all link page, resource page or partners page needs on your WordPress website. This is a new way to create Link Directories on your website. Forget those boring diretcory styles and layouts. This innovative and powerful yet simple Link Directory WordPress PlugIn allows Admin to create Lists of website links with website logo

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Need Cheap Website for my Start Up Business

Need a website for your business, but have a limited budget? If your business still does not have a website then you are probably a start up. Your business has just started gaining momentum and you are thinking: “I need a website for my business, but have a limited budget. What can I do?” Many small businesses, micro businesses and sole traders realize, especially at start-up time, that they do need a website but consider it as an

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WooCommerce Tabbed Category Wise Product Listing

WooCommerce Tabbed Category Wise Product Listing Now in WP Plugin Repository That is great news! It has been almost 2 years since we released the WooCommerce Tabbed Category Wise Product Listing plugin. WooCommerce got a few major revisions in the meantime but the plugin did not get updated – which made the plugin unusable with latest WordPress WooCommerce. Our sincere apologies for not being able to release an update earlier. But better late than never! This time

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