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WooCommerce Shop Assistant JARVIS

By QuantumCloud 7 years agoNo Comments
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*WooCommerce* shops now have JARVIS!

JARVIS is first of its kind shop assistant for WooCommerce that shows recent user activities, provides advanced search, shows cart, featured products, store notifications – all in one place from any page of your website without leaving the current page. This is a noble approach to persuade buyers to order from your woocommerce website.

When activated, JARVIS sits there *floating* at the right bottom corner of website and offers helpful tips. When clicked JARVIS offers useful information for shoppers.

JARVIS also offers 2 widgets independent of the floating icon. Use JARVIS advanced search widget in your side bar to allow advanced search feature to your shoppers or the JARVIS Recently Viewed Products widget to allow users to quickly go back to products that they have already viewed. You can turn off JARVIS floating icon should you want and just use the widgets.

Download WooCommerce Shop Assistant JARVIS!

If you want to suggest new features or report a bug, please leave a comment. We take user feedback seriously and will resolve any issue or try to add the requested new feature if feasible.



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