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Cool Graphics Design by QC Web Designers At QuantumCloud, we are a fun loving web design company. Our web designers like to work hard for the client projects but they also like to play around at free time (and sometimes when the management is not looking over their shoulders!). Check out some of the cool graphics works they did with our company name and logo below. But hey, we are not complaining. These are great

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If you own or operate a website you should already know about the SOPA bill. It is a draconian law, now infamous, that can have devastating effect in the future of internet and its freedom. The SOPA law was proposed for the benefits of intellectual property owners (read big Hollywood movie producers and Record labels) so they can take down any content or website that they deem “fair” by forcing the ISPs, hosting companies and

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What to expect in terms of web design trends in 2012? Technology is always changing and probably never in history had it been so quick and fast paced. With emergence of new technologies web designers and developers must adopt their design and development techniques to keep pace with them. In 2011 we saw large, oversized banners, minimalist designs, custom, web friendly typefaces, big footers with lots of links and text, integration of social networking in

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What to expect in social networking front in 2012? 2012 will see some tough competitions between the two giants in social networking – Google Plus and Facebook. Google just launched its Plus service few months ago and have been adding new features to it madly. The main reason Google launched the Plus venture was to get Facebook’s internet content recommendation data without actually having to deal with Facebook at all. Google wanted its own ecosystem

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