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Fun with Graphics Design

By QuantumCloud 10 years ago4 Comments
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Cool Graphics Design by QC Web Designers

At QuantumCloud, we are a fun loving web design company. Our web designers like to work hard for the client projects but they also like to play around at free time (and sometimes when the management is not looking over their shoulders!). Check out some of the cool graphics works they did with our company name and logo below. But hey, we are not complaining. These are great learning exercises and our designers learn new tricks trying to make cool Photoshop effects which they can later apply to various client projects. Feel free to share these images around. 🙂

 Web Design Company QC - 01
Web Design Company QC - 02
Web Design Company QC - 03
Web Design Company QC - 04
Web Design Company QC - 05
Web Design Company QC - 06
Web Design Company QC - 07
Web Design Company QC - cookie-text-effect
Web Design Company QC - Harry Potter

Did you know that QuantumCloud has released its own Soft Drink? It’s kind of like Nuka Cola Quantum. Anybody recognize Nuka Cola Quantum from the PS3 game FallOut? Loved that game!Nuka Cola Quantum by QuantumCloud

Click on the picture to see in larger size and learn some fun Web Design Fact!Web Design Facts in Quantum Cola

Want to work with our fun loving team of Web and Graphics Designers? Contact us for your next web design project now!

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