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Latest Plugin Version: 2.5.0
Last Updated: Oct 23, 17
Software Version: WordPress 3.9-4.8.x

WordPress InfoGraphic Creator Plugin – iList

iList is first of its kind WordPress Infographic Creator Plugin to make Infographics and elegant Lists effortlessly to visualize data. This infographics maker is a simple and fast yet powerful content creation and content curation tool and Data Visualizer. Create Dynamic, HTML5, Responsive, Animated Infographic or stylish Text or Graphics Lists easily with Charts and Graphs and display on any WordPress page or post with short codes.

This is a new way to create Infographics and upgrade your boring lists into exciting contents. It is a content creation tool that can help with your SEO. Turn your website into an Authority by creating exciting contents that your website users will love, bookmark, embed and share!

Not convinced? Check our starter guide on how to make Infographics quickly and easily with iList under 15 minutes.

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Save 56$ & use this plugin on multiple websites!

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iList Feature Summary

Up Vote Feature

Responsive Templates

Flexible Admin Panels


Font Awesome Integration

50+ Templates

Create Once Use Anywhere

SEO Freindly


Allow users to Up Vote List or Infographics Items and show what they like.


All List and Infographics templates are Responsive and Mobile Device Friendly. 


Extensive admin panel full of options to make the Lists and Infographics just the way you like

Let other website owners easily embed any List or Infographics easily on their websites. Get backlinks!

Add from 800+ font awesome icons easily. Get up and running in minutes.

50+ templates to choose from. All useful. There is something that you are bound to love.

Create an iList and you can use it anywhere on any page!

Unlike traditional image infographics – iList infographics are HTML and thus fully SEO compatible.

(The above iList was created with infographic template 08)

iList Features and Back End


iList Features

iList is a feature rich WordPress plugin to create Infographics and elegant Lists. The scope of using iLists on different areas of your website is extensive. You can create visually appealing contents and infographics easily with iLists.


iList Back End

How easy it is to create elegant lists or infographics with this WordPress plugin? The answer is – Extremely Easy. Just add your List items, select a font or upload you own image. Then use our flexible shortcode generator to select a template and embed the iList on any page your website anywhere.

Check out how the iList backend works

(The above iList was created with infographic template 15)

Charts and Graphs with iList

With the latest version of infographic creator iList, you can now create and add charts and graphs directly from iList interface. It just takes a few clicks to generate your Chart that will be fully integrated with your iList. If you want to create only Charts or Graphs, that is possible also. iList comes with iChart visual editor button. Use the iChart button to generate and embed a chart on any page directly from WordPress visual page or post editor. iList supports Bar chart, Line Chart, Polar Area Chart, Radar Chart, Pie Chart and Doughnut Chart.

iChart allows you to create stand-alone, beautiful HTML5, Responsive Charts and Graphs using Google ChartJS.. iChart can be used in conjunction with your iList infographic maker or on itself from any of your WordPress page or post. iChart supports multiple charts and graphs on the same page.

Getting Started with iList


Create New List

Go to Edit a WordPress page where you want the iList to appear. Use the iList button editor to generate shortcode & place in your page. Update the page and check your iList in the front end. That’s it!


Add List Items

An iList is comprised of individual entries. An info List can have Entry title and Description. A Graphics List can have Entry title and an Image. An infographic List can also have Entry title, Description, and an Image. You can add as many ilist entries as you want. Use the up and down arrow to order the entries any time.


Customize List

For almost all templates you can customize the colors of all the aspects of the design. You can even use an image for the entire iList. You can also set entry title’s font size. You have the liberty to pick and use one of google’s 800+ fonts just by pasting the font’s style link. The description field comes with visual editor to style your text any way you wish.



Go to Edit a WordPress page where you want the iList to appear. Use the iList button editor to generate shortcode & place in your page. Update the page and check your iList in the front end. That’s it!

(The above iList was created with infographic template 11)

Rapid, Friendly, 24/7 Support

We place immense value in relationship with people who use our products.

Who is it for?

Infographics and List builder WordPress plugin iList is designed to be a user friendly plugin for any website owner that runs and manages a WordPress based website. It is just not a great tool to create infographics – you can also use this plugin to create a gorgeous looking Lists of any kind or even Time Lines or Step by Step Process. 50+ designs to choose from. It a must have WordPress plugin for you if you are a:


  • Prolific Blogger
  • SEO specialist
  • Content Curator
  • Internet Marketer
  • Webmaster of your any WordPress website

iList Free VS Pro Features

iList Light

Unlimited iLists

14+ Beautiful, Responsive Templates

Create Text Based or Graphics Lists and Infographics


iList Pro

Unlimited iLists

65+ Beautiful, Responsive Templates

Embed Option with Custom Anchor Text for BackLink

Font Awesome Integration

Font Awesome Integration

Configurable iList highlight colors for each list

User Up Vote

Complete control over iList ordering

Quick and Easy Admin Area

Powerful Short Code Generator!

Pick from 800+ Google Fonts.

Individual Background Color for Each Entry

Add Charts and Graphs Easily with Few Clicks!

Custom CSS to add your own style

Boxed View or Full Width Mode

Title Area Design

Add Just Charts and Graphs without iList to Any Page!

RTL support, Categories & More

Lifetime Free PlugIn Upgrades

$25.00Add to cart

Or (for a limited time),

Save 56$ & use this plugin on multiple websites!

$47.00Add to cart

Terms and License Details.

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