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The Best WordPress Directory Plugin

The Most Innovative WordPress Directory Plugin Now Got Even Better with the Possibility of Monetizing Your Bookmarks, Link Collections and Earning Money!

Unique & Creative
Fast and Interactive

Ideal for Single Page Link Directory, Resources or Links page, Partners page, Vendors page, Local Business Listing, Logo Showcase, Affiliate Links and More…

Plugin Version: 4.1.0
Last Updated: Sept 26, 17
Software Version: WordPress 4.0-4.8

Forget those old style boring directories.

This innovative and powerful, yet Simple Link Directory WordPress PlugIn allows you to create and curate comprehensive Lists of links with website logo and a short description with ease. Build Useful Links Collections or Link Library of your favorite bookmarks in style and share with your website users.

Making Money on Auto Pilot (available from 4.0)

Earning Money with your curated Lists of Links is now possible with Simple Link Directory. It is an extremely easy and super quick process. You can literally set up a quality money earning website under 48 hours with this fabulous WordPress Directory Plugin.

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Terms and License Details.

What Can You Do with Simple Link Directory?

Use as a Link Curation Tool

Curate dozens or hundreds of link lists and show them on any page, anywhere easily with shortcode. Use as a small part of your link resources page or create comprehensive, niche specific full directory website – the choice is yours! Mange your links with a master CSV file. Multiple Presentation Styles: Single List, All Lists, List Category, Tabbed category views.

Increase Site Authority and Sharing

This one-page directory plugin allows you to create a content hub and authority website. Outbound links to relevant websites are great SEO plus marks. SLD templates are SEO friendly and loads quick, you can define if a link should be no-follow, and the embed feature of SLD creates opportunities to get free back links when someone shares your curated Lists on their site.

Create Community Driven Directory

Simple Link Directory is packed with innovative features to let you run a community driven directory where your website users can Up Vote Links they like, Embed the valuable link resources you create on their website, submit their own links with Complete front end user registration, login and link submission area. Create great link lists to increase bookmarks to your web pages.

Make Money Online

With Simple Link Directory you can start making money with your WordPress site within 48 hours or less. SLD has front end link submission with integrated PayPal payment option. You can create subscription package and invite people to submit their own links for a fee. There is also AD/Text Block with each list, URL masking option for affiliate links.

Directory for Company Intranet

A lot of businesses require their company employees to access certain websites on regular basis. Such as a Media or Marketing company. The pro version provides the ability for registered users to create their own bookmark or favorite lists with links bookmarked from your directory. The bookmark lists is unique to each user and managed from front end. Simple Link Directory Professional version is the only plugin with such link bookmarking feature.

Check out all 15 templates and widgets in action!

Available Templates in Simple Link Directory

Getting Started

Create Categories

Choose a topic you want to curate links for. Create a Category for that topic inside Simple Link Directory. Categories help you organize your Link Lists in back end and easily show them in any page.

Create Lists

A List is comprised of many links. Each link entry can have an image (usually site logo), site URL and a short descriptions. You can add as many links under one list as you want.

Multiple Lists

If you want to show only a few links then one list is enough. If you want to show dozens or hundreds of links on a broad topic then create many Lists with 10-20 links under each and assign all lists on the same topic to the same category.

Pick Style, Publish

Copy the short code of a single list or list category. Choose a template appropriate for your list/s and add that to the short code like style=”style-1″. Paste the short code to any Page or Post and publish. Voila, your link directory is now live with a gorgeous looking template.

How to Make Money with Simple Link Directory

  • Step 1: Find a Niche Business Category You are Passionate about
    Step 2: Find Websites with Tools and Resources that Help People of that Niche

  • Step 3: Assort those Links into Different Categories
    Step 4: Create Lists of Links for Different Categories from SLD and Publish.

  • Step 5: Each Link Requires Just the Website Link, a short Title and an image.
    Step 6: Create a Subscription Package from SLD Back End

  • Step 7: Add Your PayPal ID & Enable Front End Submission
    Step 8: Promote Your Website through SEO, Blog Articles, etc.

  • Step 9: In Many Cases, Relevant Website Owners will Find Your Directory on Their Own Searching on Google
    Step X: Let Your Website Earn Money on Auto Pilot!

Rapid, Friendly, 24/7 Support

We place immense value in relationship with people who use our products.

Who is it for?

Simple Link Directory is designed to be a user friendly plugin for any website owner that runs and manages a WordPress based website. It is just not a great tool to create link directoties – you can also use this plugin to create a gorgeous looking Partners page, Vendor page, Affiliates page or even Client Lists. We have a few templates specifically for those purposes. It a must have plugin for you if you are a:


  • Prolific Blogger
  • SEO specialist
  • Content Curator
  • Internet Marketer
  • Webmaster of your any WordPress website

Simple Link Directory Lite VS Professional Version

Simple Link Directory Lite

Main Features

  • Unlimited Lists
  • 4 Beautiful, Responsive Templates
  • Show Single List or All
  • Embed Lists on Other Websites

Simple Link Directory Pro


  • Build lists with dozens or hundreds of links and show them in one page
  • Topic based Link Lists that can be Displayed Category wise
  • Tabbed Category Listing of All Your Lists
  • Use as Link Directory, Resources page, Links page, Partners page, Associates page, Logo showcase, Local Business Directory, or Vendors page. Possibilities are endless
  • Live, on page, instant search
  • Live, on page, instant filtering of lists
  • Scroll to Top Button
  • Optional Fixed Position Filter buttons that can be Left aligned or placed at top of your Lists

Community Features

  • Allow users to submit links to your directory
  • Complete front end user registration, login and link submission
  • Free or Paid Link Listing Opportunity
  • Auto approve option for user registration to the directory
  • New user role: SLD User
  • Auto approve links option
  • Manage user submitted links to the directory
  • Unlimited front end link submission for Admin user
  • Invite user interaction with Upvote
  • Choose your UpVote icon: Thumbs up, Firey Hot, Heart, Star or Smiley Face.
  • Allow users to embed your lists on their websites
  • Allow registered users to create their own Favorite List of links


  • 15 templates to choose from
  • Fully responsive and modern designs
  • Directory templates are designed for different use case scenarios
  • Use theme fonts or choose a Google font
  • Fixed position filtering area
  • Custom CSS to add your own style

Customizability and Flexibility

  • Choose theme font or google font.
  • Configurable highlight color for each list
  • Customize colors, fonts and almost all aspects of the link lists
  • Complete control over directory list ordering
  • Custom Ordering of Lists
  • Order List Items by Up votes, Item title, Date
  • Randomize Lists and List Items
  • Over a dozen shortcode parameters
  • Easy and Powerful Shortcode Generator – no need to hunt down all the different parameters
  • Custom JS and CSS panel to modify directory functionality
  • Pagination for List Items available as a shortcode option.
  • Mark Directory Links as New or Featured


  • 4 ways to add images: Auto Favicon, Font Awesome Icon, Upload Image, Paste Image Link
  • Front End User Registration with Captcha, Log in, Link Submission
  • Alternaive option for link submission button (link to a contact form or google doc)
  • Admin Approves User Submitted Links to Listing Directory or Set to Auto Approve
  • 3 widgets for Latest Links, Most Populat Links and Random Links
  • User Up Vote
  • Admin settings to turn on/off live search, filtering
  • RTL support
  • Text block with each list that supports any shortcode
  • Embed option. Other website owners can now embed the useful lists you create on their websites with a backlink to your own website. Great for SEO!
  • Google Analytics Integration for outbound link click tracking!
  • CSV Import to create new lists easily.
  • CSV Export your lists for backup
  • Import your exported CSV back with update lists

Link Directory for Company Intranet :

  • Allow any logged in user to create their own favorite List by bookmarking links from your directory lists.
  • Dynamically add or remove links from bookmark list from front end
  • Use a single master CSV file to Export and Import your directory listings


  • Creating lists is a breeze with Simple Link Directory. Each List item needs only a Title, Link, and an Image. The subtitle is optional. There are 4 ways to add images: Auto Favicon (as in auto), Font Awesome Icon, Upload Custom Image, or Paste External Image Link.
  • You can also build your list as CSV file in excel and import your Lists. You can export all your lists as CSV file, make changes, and import it back quickly.
  • Simple Link Directory is optimized for speed and performance in code level.

SEO Friendly:

  • The templates’ HTML are SEO friendly. h2 and h3 tags were used as appropriate. You can define if a link should be no-follow or do-follow.
  • This one-page directory plugin allows you to create a content hub and authority website.
  • Also, as part of your main website this plugin is a great addition because outbound links to relevant websites are great SEO plus marks for your website.

Monetization Option to Earn Money Online on Auto Pilot

  • Integrated PayPal payment option for user link submission
  • Create subscription package with any amount and your PayPal email ID
  • Free and/or Paid Listing to Earn Money
  • Define link visibility duration and your currency of payment
  • AD/Text Block with each list to make money using shortcode of other plugin
  • URL masking option for affiliate links
  • Simple Link Directory WordPress plugin is the best way to earn money online – and the quickest. You can start making money with WordPress in 48 hours or less.

$29.00Add to cart

Or (for a limited time),
Save 86$ & use this plugin on multiple websites!

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We Provide Custom Feature and Customization Service for This PlugIn. Want to Extend Simple Link Directory?
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