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Your WordPress Website is Hacked, Now What?

Is Your WordPress Website Hacked? We Will Fix It

If you have been managing a website for some time – you too, like most webmasters, probably experienced the sinking feeling of finding out that your precious website has been hacked. When that happens, something needs to be done and soon! Fact: On average 30,000 new websites are identified every day as being hacked. Your website could fall a victim to such hacking also despite your best care. WordPress websites (or any website for that matter) require continuous maintenance and care. The flexibility and versatility that make WordPress such a great CMS can also be its downfall. WordPress Website Hacking can occur for a number of reasons:

  • Compromised FTP or cPanel Login
  • Outdated WordPress Core or PlugIns
  • Vulnerable 3rd Party Themes and Plugins
  • Insecure Server and Web Hosting
  • Weak Passwords Compromised Through Brute Force Attack
  • KeyLogger in Your Computer or Laptop

No matter how it happened, we will go in and fix it for you
If your WordPress website was hacked and infected with spamware or malware:

It is either sending thousands of spam emails to everyone with a email address or spreading malware to whomever is visiting your beloved website. That is the typical scenario. And if that is the case, it is imperative to clean up the hacked files right away and stop the spreading of spam and malware. Failure to do so will get your website black listed with google and spam mail list. Your search engine rankings will drop. Your customers will lose confidence and never visit your website again

Your time is valuable. Should you spend your precious time worrying about WordPress security and trying to keep up with the hackers or should you concentrate on developing and expanding your business or blog? Let us clean up your hacked website and all the malicious files.

Our WordPress Hacked Website Clean Up Service Include:

WordPress Site Back Up

  • Back Up Your Website in Its Current State
  • Ensure that Nothing is Lost Beyond the Damage Already Done by Hackers

Malware Hunting

  • Search for Malware With Antivirus
  • Manual Search for Malicious Code and Files
  • Search and Find Altered Core WordPress Files

Malware Removal from WordPress Site

  • Inspect Each Identified Hacked Files Manually
  • Remove the Offending Hacking Files
  • Clean Up Infected WordPress Core Files
  • Submit to Google for Blacklist Removal

Harden WordPress Security

  • Once WordPress is Clean Again, We Harden the Site Security
  • Install Antivirus and Security Plugins
  • Update Core WordPress & Plugins to Latest Versions
  • Request eMail Blacklist Removal (if necessary)

Why should you trust us with your website? Because:

  • We have 14+ years of experience with Web Development: you can trust us with not to break anything.
  • We manage thousands of websites and have vast experience: clients from all over the world put their trust in us to manage and maintain their websites
  • We have cleaned up hundreds of hacked WordPress websites: you are not the first whose website we cleaned up and got it up and running again
  • We are experts with WordPress and Website Security: we know how it all works
  • We guarantee confidentiality of all information your release to us: we will not share your log in details or use them for anything beyond fixing the website
  • 100% money back guarantee if we fail to clean up and fix your WordPress Website

How Much Will it Cost to Fix Your Hacked Website?

Hacked WordPress Website Clean Up
$99One Time Fee
  • Back Up Your Website in Its Current State
  • Clean Up a Single WordPress Installation
  • Remove Malware Code & Files
  • Upgrade WordPress & Plugins
  • Install & Set Up Antivirus & FireWall
  • Monitor Your Website for 2 Weeks & Free Clean Up if Your Website is Hacked Again Within 14 Days
  • Google Blacklist Removal
  • Google SERP Warnings Removal
  • eMail Blacklist Removal
  • Prioritized Clean Up Service
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee if We Fail

Few Things You Should Know

If hackers deleted some or all of your files we cannot bring them back unless you already had a site backup strategy in place. You should contact your hosting company first if you suspect any files are missing. Ask them to restore your hosting account to a previous date when you know the site was working perfectly. This is the quickest way.

If you have a backup, we will be happy to work with it and restore the older version of the website. Then we will make sure that there is no malicious code or file in it and go on hardening your WordPress site security: make it safe from future hacking attempt

Some websites do get hacked too badly and it may prove impossible to clean them up or need additional cost. If it seems impossible, we will refund your money back 100%. If it takes more effort, we will let you know if any extra cost is involved.

We need enough disk space to generate a back up of your WordPress website. So, please ensure that your hosting server has enough space.

After successful payment of our Hacked WordPress Website Clean Up package you will arrive in a SSL Secured Web Page on Our Website. Please fill up the form on that page and send us your website and server related information. If all information is correct, we can start cleaning up your hacked website within few hours of submissions.

We fully understand and appreciate how important it is for your business to get your website back up and running. We will make it our top priority fix your website ASAP.

Let us know if you had any questions before buying.

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