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Let us turn your business website into a revenue-generating tool. We drive targeted traffic from Search Engines and Social medias that converts into your paid customers.

Online Marketing Services We Provide

Website Optimization

The SEO works begins from your website. We help make you a Search Engine Friendly website by ensuring that it meets the current Google parameters for a quality website. We look at the coding and linking structure, website page load speed, mobile browser capability and many other criteria that Google considers in its page ranking algorithm. We also help you increase user engagement rates. Because without user engagement traffic means nothing.

Increasing Business Visibility

Google is partial towards brands and big names. Link baiting, link building, social sharing, viral contents are some of the techniques that can make your website act like a brand and help you rank on the 1st page of google. We build and sustain your website’s link and citation profile that increases your Business Visibility organically.
Become a BRAND with QuantumCloud.

Social Media Engagement & Ongoing Promotion

Content marketing, Social sharing and SEO all three work toward one thing: creating and achieving relevance for your website in relation to you audience. All three must work together and continuously to bring your website fresh and returning business. When these three are working in synchronization they can help acquire customers and increase website traffic through valuable content. The organic online marketing ecosystem is growing everyday. Google algorithms now factor social sharing engagement signals as an indicator for search rankings. We know how they work together and fit them into the same strategy.

What and Why


  • Keyword Research: We choose multiple keywords instead of focusing on one very hard to get keyword or phrase. It is more profitable, to rank for 100s or even 1,000s of long tail keywords with the same piece of content than a single keyword.
  • Quality Content: Content without quality is spam and everyone hates spams. We help you create valuable contents for your website. Contents should be presented in a visually appealing manner. We also help you re-purpose your contents and use it on different platforms to bring in extra traffic. We work smart – not too hard.
  • Website Architecture: Optimize internal Linking structure and create several landing pages. Create Content Hubs exploring several topics in depth and focused around a central theme for your business. Google determines context and relevancy of a web page not only by what is on your page, but also by the pages around it and linking to it.
  • On-Page Website Optimization: H1, H2 tags, diversification of anchor text, Meta Title and Description tags, Structured Data, Avoiding over optimization, Canonical tags etc. are all parts and parcels of on-page SEO works. And we do them well, With QC You will not have to run errands between your web design company and SEO company to get things done. We truly are a full service web design company.
  • Building External Links: We do not only get links from other websites – we build relationships. We understand that the link building experience is not just about search engines, but the people experience, as well. We create link-baits and give out links and get links from other websites so your website has a natural and organic link profile.

Why QuantumCloud?

  • 100% White hat SEO techniques. No black or gray hat SEO. We rank your website organically in Google and other search engines
  • Develop useful and quality content that naturally generates targeted traffic for Inbound Marketing
  • Create impressive landing pages to convert traffic into quality leads for Inbound Marketing.
  • No more cold calling. Inbound Marketing converts Traffic Into Leads and turns Leads Into Sales
  • Content rewriting and consulting on blogging techniques. Turn your business agenda in to good quality, naturally written content./li>
  • We keep you updated by reporting monthly with detailed ‘Ranking Reports’ and simple to read ‘Website Analytics’ summaries.
  • Page Speed Optimization to reduce site load time and increase user engagement which also reduces bounce rates.
  • Calls to action – optimize conversion elements. A visitor without action is of little value. Strategically placed calls to action turns your visitors in to long term and paying clients
  • Friendly TEAM – We have been doing SEO since 2002, so we know our stuff. Our team are experts at marketing online, and will keep you advised and informed every step of the way

Professional SEO Services – Why You Need It?

Back in the days, we used to find a business we are looking for by using Yellow Pages. Now we use Internet and search engines like Google, Bing or even social media sites like Facebook. Having a stunning website alone is not enough if your potential customers do not know that your website exists in the first place. If your website is not ranking on the first page of Google for relevant keywords when your prospective users are searching for it, then they are going to your competitors. You could have the best product or service in your niche but that does not guarantee success for your business. You need online marketing and organic search engine optimization (SEO) help to get your business noticed online with the right people who matter. As a professional SEO company, we help your website rank higher in search engines result pages (SERPS).

Why InBound Marketing is Important?

Your website can get a lot of hits and traffic may be very high. But if this traffic is not converting to your paying customers then they are not the right kind of users for your website. You need the targeted audience visiting your website – real people that matter and those who are actually seeking actively the product or service you provide. How can you reach more of the right customers and increase your ROI? A professional SEO company like QuantumCloud can help you achieve that by a combination of organic SEO and Inbound Marketing techniques. Inbound Marketing focuses on making your website visible to the right people at the right place at right time. Besides ranking high on search engines, Inbound Marketing also focuses on social networking medias and other popular web 2.0 websites. Outsource your website promotion and digital marketing needs to QC for better ROI.

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