Web Design Cost:

Even before contacting a web design company, as a business owner, you are probably wondering what the web design cost may be. This is natural. But there is no straight forward answer for this question without knowing more details. There should not be. It’s like asking “How much a car costs?”. It depends. If you are a mom and have kids you may need a Toyota Prius. If you are a multimillionaire, carefree bachelor, a Lamborghini Aventador J may be more appropriate for you. The point is that the web design cost and pricing depends on many variables. Such as:

  • Do you have a professional logo designed or need us create a brandable logo for you?
  • Is the website brand new or is it a redesign of an existing website?
  • Is mobile device compatibility and Responsive Web Design important for you?
  • Do you need a content management system or CMS website design or you are going to rely on your web design company for content updates??
  • Do you have the web page contents and graphics ready
  • Do you need any multimedia (Flash, video, etc.) developed for the website?
  • Do you need eCommerce?
  • Do you need a blog?
  • Do you need paid membership and subscriptions? Newsletters? Event calenders?
  • How about SEO? Without a professional SEO company promoting your website it may not get any visitor at all!

All the above and some more questions need to be answered before we can give you an accurate web design cost estimate. However, all is not lost. You can use this web design cost calculator to get a rough idea of how much your next website design may cost or learn about various web design options, techniques and their associated costs. But to get a proper cost estimate, please Request a Free Web Design Quote by filling out the form with as much details as possible and we will get back to you ASAP.

Web Design Cost and PricingQuantumCloud Pricing Models:

Once you select QuantumCloud as your web design company to create your brand identity online, we are ready to work with you in any kind of pricing solution that you may prefer and is reasonable.

Fixed pricing web solution

Fixed pricing structure reflects the total cost for the project and QuantumCloud guarantees the delivery of your website at this cost in the time frame agreed upon. QuantumCloud goes through a thorough and firm understanding of the web project requirements and seeks your approval for the system requirements analysis. The pricing is then quoted against that analysis based on how much overall effort, resources, and time must be put on developing the solution. This web design pricing model guarantees on-time, on-budget delivery of web design and development projects.

In general, half of the total payment is due near the beginning of the project or after we show you some progress. For larger projects, the cost is divided into more than two installments.

Hourly pricing web solution:

Hourly web design cost reflects the cost per-hour for each of the resources assigned to develop a customer’s solution. Customers pay costs as they are incurred during the lifespan of the web development project.

Generally our hourly rate is USD 20.00. System analysis or project coordination hourly rate is USD 25.00. This is for the time actually spent working on the project.

Milestone billing:

Client can choose this option for large and long lasting projects where the entire project is broken down into phases. Payment schedules are defined on time (ex. monthly) or after each phase is accomplished and demonstrated. This method reinforces project progress monitoring and reduces risks.

Payment Options:

You can pay QuantumCloud using Visa, MasterCard, AMEX or PayPal through secure and trusted payment processor 2Checkout (2CO). We also accept payment through Skrill/MoneyBookers payment gateway.

Web design payment options
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