Simple Link Directory WordPress PlugIn by QuantumCloud

What is Simple Link Directory?

Simple Link Directory is a unique and advanced solution to all link page, resource page or partners page needs on your WordPress website. This is a new way to create Link Directories on your website. Forget those boring diretcory styles and layouts. This innovative and powerful yet simple Link Directory WordPress PlugIn allows Admin to create Lists of website links with website logo and a short description. Create dozens or hundreds of lists of relevant website links on any broad topic. Then show all your Link Lists in beautiful layout on a single page. Or you can choose any single link List to show with short code.

(This is the release blog post for Simple Link Directory and a bit outdated. For latest features and updates please check the Simple Link Directory Landing page)


WordPress Link Directory PlugIn


This directory plugin is helpful not only to create a unique, responsive link directory but also to create a nice looking partners, associates or affiliates page for your company.

Design Directories with Style

Simple Link Directory comes bundled with two modern and great looking templates that are fully Responsive, Masonry and integrates with your current theme easily. Links can be marked to open in new window or same window. by default all links are selected to use rel=nofollow but this setting can be overridden selectively.


WordPress Simple Link Directory

Default Style for Simple Link Directory

Simple Link Directory

Alternative Style for Simple Link Directory

Simple Link Directory Demo:

Check Ultimate List of Free Web Design Resources for demo. Do note that this demo has some additional features not available with the Basic version in WordPress plugin repository.


Buy Simple Link Directory Pro


Simple Link Directory Options:

Link Lists can be shown in the front end using short tags with different options:


WordPress Simple Link Directory

Settings Page

Available Parameters:

  1. mode Value for this option can be set as “one” or “all”.
  2. column Avaialble values: “1”, “2”, “3” or “4”.
  3. style Avaialble values: “simple” or “style-1”. Only 2 templates are available in the free version. For more styles or templates, please purchase the premium version.
  4. orderby Compatible order by values: ‘ID’, ‘author’, ‘title’, ‘name’, ‘type’, ‘date’, ‘modified’, ‘rand’ and ‘menu_order’.
  5. order Value for this option can be set as “ASC” for Ascending or “DESC” for Descending order.
  6. list_id Only applicable if you want to display a single list [not all]. You can provide specific list id here as a value. You can also get ready shortcode for a single list under “Manage List Items” menu.

WordPress Link Directory

Add New Link List

WordPress Plugin Simple Link Directory

Manage your Links

WordPress Simple Link Directory Plugin

Link Lists you Created

What is Next?

We are working on an even more awesome version of the Simple Link Directory. Some of the Advanced features include ability to assign colors for each element of the Link Lists, Filtering, Maintain Category of Link Lists and Show single category of link lists in any WordPress page with short tags and many more.

Simple Link Directory PlugIn for WordPress – Pro Features

  • Build lists with dozens or hundreds of links and show them in one page
  • Use as Link Directory or Partners and Associates pages
  • Configurable List highlight color for each list
  • Customize colors of all aspects of the link lists
  • User Up Vote
  • Complete control over list ordering
  • Live, on page, instant search
  • Live, on page, instant filtering of lists
  • Admin settings to turn on/off live search, filtering
  • Powerful short code options for extensive control over display
  • Add to List button

Available Link Directory templates in Pro version:

Simple Link Directory WordPress PlugIn


Download Simple Link Directory Light free from WordPress repository.


Buy Simple Link Directory Pro




  1. qori el-hafizh Says Reply

    this plugin is not working Warning: Cannot modify header information on line 1174

    • Jamil Says Reply


      Can you send a link to the plugin install on your site? Also let us know if you are using any premium theme and a list of other plugins you are using.

      Thank you

  2. Jamil Says Reply

    We identified the issue and fixed it. You can try installing it again now. Let us know if you still face any problems. We will take care of it asap.


  3. Heath Says Reply

    I am trying order my list by title and ASC but it doesn’t change. Any ideas?

    • Jamil Says Reply

      We tested and this seems to be working fine. Order by title and ASC works with Lists themselves. They do not work for List Elements or Items. You have to manually order elements inside Lists by dragging them. Please let us know if you continue facing the issue.


  4. Björn Says Reply

    Hello Jamil,
    very nice plugin. How to get the Pro Version and much cost it?

    Thx, Björn

    • Jamil Says Reply

      Thanks Björn. We plan to release the Pro version end of next week.

      • Jamil Says Reply

        Just to let you know that the premium version of Simple Link Directory can now be bought from codecanyon. Here is
        the link: Many thanks for your support.

  5. Pensiuni Arieseni Says Reply

    I like your plugin and intended to use in a small project. Is there a way to add a new link as a guest?
    thank you!

    • Jamil Says Reply

      Hi Pensiuni,

      Many thanks. No, the plugin does not have the feature for guests to leave a link. The pro version that we will release soon will have a Submit Resource button that will lead guest users to any link of your choice. This can be a contact form or google doc where they can submit link for admin review. Admin can decide whether or not to add the link manually to an appropriate list. For an example please check

  6. Dan Nielsen Says Reply

    How do I get it to show the “Item Subtitle”, like you show in the screenshot? I can not make that work.
    You wrote earlier, that you will release the pro version end of week 41, where is it? I can not see it.
    Thank you.

    • Jamil Says Reply

      Hi Dan,

      To show item subtitle you need to use the 2nd template that comes with the free version because the 1st template is designed to utilize the least amount of space possible. Please add style=”style-1″ in the short tag to use the 2nd template.

      The pro version is nearly ready. Here is a sneak peak into all (9 total) the templates available with pro version: We are now looking for the best way to release it. Any day now!

  7. Tania Rice Says Reply

    I really like the new templates! Do you know when they will be ready? Or how much

    • Jamil Says Reply

      Hi Tania,

      It should be ready end of this month and will likely cost 29$

      Many thanks for your interest.

      • Jamil Says Reply

        Just to let you know that the premium version of Simple Link Directory can now be bought from codecanyon. Here is
        the link: Many thanks for your support.

  8. Mario Says Reply

    Do you plan a version with which entries can be made on the frontend by any visitor? Those entries could be pending approval by the admin.

    • Jamil Says Reply

      Hi Mario,

      We have thought about it and will consider for a future version. But because such features get abused a lot, it is not a high priority. But if we get more requests – we will add this feature sooner than later.


    • Jamil Says Reply

      Hi Mario, Just to let you know that the premium version of Simple Link Directory can now be bought from codecanyon. Here is
      the link: Many thanks for your support.

  9. Mario Says Reply

    Thanks for the quick reply Jamil.

  10. Andy Bumpkin Says Reply

    Hey Jamil, I like the look of your plugin!

    So I’m running a game dev blog and I’ve got several people who I want to add links to and create a , which I believe I’d be able to do with your plugin straight off the bat – great!

    However I would love a feature where I could put a shortcode in a widget and show a small number of random links from the directory – to spread the love evenly as it were. Is this possible yet or could it be a potential feature?

    • Jamil Says Reply

      Hi Andy,

      Thanks for your feedback. What you are asking is currently not possible. However, the good news is we got couple of other similar requests and are already working on this feature. Basically we will try to provide widget option for Most popular links, latest link(s), random link(s). Won’t take long now.

  11. Salvatore Says Reply

    if buy pro release, is there any shortcode to list by categories (like )?
    and… any eta for submit form with pendint/moderation/approve feature?

    • Jamil Says Reply

      Hi Salvatore,
      Yep, definitely there is short code in Pro version to list categories like in Front end submission is a little farther in pipeline. This week we will release another template and couple of small improvements. We are also working on an exciting new feature – Embed option. So the lists you create can be easily embedded in other websites. This should help making your lists viral and increase value of the lists you create.

      • Salvatore Says Reply

        thanks for reply!
        then, if i’ve fine understood, i can make n* categories with n* lists in every categories, and list all (by category) – with style like dna88 (image category etc) – in /direcory page via a simply shortcode, im right?
        Ok, frontend submission can be attend… i can make another contact form 7 (with attachmens) just for directory.


        • Jamil Says Reply

          Hi Salvatore, You are correct. It’s just like wordpress posts. You can create any number of categories and lists and then assign any list to one or more categories and then call any category with short code on any page!

          Let me know if you had any other questions. Thanks!

          • Salvatore Says

            Just latest, sorry…
            In lite release (tested just to understand this plugin), but maybe I’m in error, I cannot found shortcode to put in single page and autogenerate a good style list (eg, like dna88) with all categories in directory…
            Then, maybe u can release some/more screen or a video for demonstrate how-if is simple to make a page, put simple shortcode, and… Result a great style webdirectory 🙂

            Maybe u can consider, instead of lite release, to release a pro with demo/trial feature?!


          • Jamil Says

            Not error. Short code by category is not supported in Light version. In pro version you can use short code like: [qcopd-directory mode="all" column="3" style="style-9" category="ultimate-list-of-php-web-development" orderby="menu_order" order="ASC" mask_url="off"]. So no worries there. It will work 100% for sure.

          • Salvatore Says

            Sounds good, but this seems to be a shortcode for single category.
            My question, now, is if exist a shortcode to make a pagelist with all categories (eg like dna88 homepage – this print 4big button with categories for php, wpplugin etc).
            Anyway, I buy. If not I can create an html page with link 😛

          • Jamil Says

            Hi Salvatore,

            In dna88, we created one WP Page for each category and them simply listing those Pages on the home page and in menu. We are not loading All categories there. Though technically it is possible to just add multiple short codes for different categories on a single page – it is not recommended. That will be harder to make look good. We strongly recommend to show one category per page. Then link to those pages. This is more flexible approach.

  12. Salvatore Says Reply

    I need to ask sorry. My English can be so poor.
    My idea/request, indeed, is: exist a shortcode for generate this category listing or in dna88 u have write raw html?

    [shortcodeexample list_all_categories order=* etc…]
    >>> here all categories with images and description (if image and description exist in category) and this link to singlepage category with own shortcode.

    I can write html/css by myself for directory listing homepage, isn’t a problem but… If I put more categories (one today, another tomorrow…) can be long work every time.

    Thank u again, and real sorry for this long q&a 😀

    • Jamil Says Reply

      Hi Slavatore,

      No worries. Please see last post where I explained how dna88 was set up. The idea is simple – one page for each category, then you just link to those pages from Home page with some nice buttons. It’s 2 minute work in WordPress to link to a page 🙂 But your request is good too. I suppose we can consider creating a Widget to List categories that you can embed on home page. Will think about it.


      • Salvatore Says Reply

        Please, sorry, but imho isn’t real simple this way to work.
        If I make 100category in directory, I need to make 100pages, and put 100elements in menu, and list all with html in directory homepage.

        Usually, instead, with other plugin (custom post type), we have just a shortcode for homepage plugin (plugin for directory, download, quotes – all, usually, work in the same way);
        this shortcode list categories from custom post type;
        With a simple click in a category, u go inside category view/list and see element present in this category.
        one shortcode, one page, all is done.

        your setup style can be ok for directory with just some categories.
        please, note: this is not a critic! is simple my idea and i hope can be useful (like any review) for optimize this plugin 🙂

        atm in my dev site I test another directory (old style), and this work entirely with only one shortcode in one page.

        Kind regards,

        • Jamil Says Reply

          100 Catgory sounds quite extreme. I think it will be quite an edge case for a site to have more than 10 categories. We would very much love to see what you do with the plugin. It will be a tremendous job once you make a website with so many categories. Keep working with it. By the time you create 20 categories, we will release the feature to list categories. No worries.

  13. M. Mateo Says Reply

    Hey-great plugin, but having one issue that I can’t make sense of. Once I added the short code to my page, I noticed that my header increased from 133px to 229px. Has anyone experienced this?

  14. Ole Lasse Says Reply

    Hi. I tried this plugin, to see if it is better than what I use. But when I enter enable_embedding=”false” it still shows “Generate Embeded Code” on top every time I include the link directory

  15. Marc Says Reply

    Hello Jamil, I use the Pro version (version 1.0.1). Unfortunately, saving and updating links is no longer possible. What could be the problem?

    • Jamil Says Reply

      Hi Marc,

      Have you installed any new plugin to your WP install lately? Could be conflicting with that. Try deactivating any plugin installed after the SLD pro version one by one and see if that fixes the issue. Then we will know for sure that it is a plugin conflict. Let us know the conflicting plugin name and we will investigate.

      Also try upgrading to the latest version of SLD pro which is 1.7. We added lot of new features and templates between 1.0 and 1.7. Also you can email us the admin log in to your WP install to We will check and fix the issue for you.


  16. Holger Says Reply

    Hello Jamil, I use the Pro version. This is an awesome Plugin!
    Where is the data stored? Can’t find database tables or files with my stored links…?!

    • Jamil Says Reply

      Very glad to hear that you find the plugin helpful. Data is stored as custom posts in the database.


      • Holger Says Reply

        Hi Jamil, unfortunately the plugin has no export function. I need to export my links to rearrange them in Excel and re-import them as CSV.
        Could you please provide a SQL-Script which extracts the links in a suitable way to export them out of the database? this would be very helpful.
        thank you!

        • Jamil Says Reply

          Hi Holger,

          Yes, the plugin lacks advanced export/import feature yet. We hope to add that soon. It is technically challenging to provide any sql for this because the data is inside WordPress’ post meta data and not in separate fields and tables. You can try some other CSV export plugins that support Custom Post data export. But cannot confirm how much they can help. Apologies for any inconveniences.


          • Holger Says

            Hi Jamil, OK I’m looking forward to the export function in the next release 🙂
            another suggestion concerning filter buttons: Why is a filter button shown, when user rights will not allow list items? this makes no sense. the corresponding buttons should then be hidden too. What about filter buttons for categories?
            With the named functions, the plugin would be nearly perfect!

          • Jamil Says

            Hi Holger,

            Yes, certainly. We are taking on export/import asap. Not clear about the filter button suggestion. SLD has no user right feature. Are you using another plugin for that? Please explain the use case scenario more.


  17. Holger Says Reply

    Hi Jamil, sorry, of course SLD has no user right feature. I’m using ‘User Access Manager’ (Alexander Schneider) plugin to define usergroups. With it it’s possible to assign SLD list items to one or more usergroups. list items are now shown in dependence of assigned usergroup(s). Works really great, except filter buttons. I think it should work automatically as well with category filter because list categories can be asssigned to user groups too.

    • Jamil Says Reply

      Hi Holger,

      Filter buttons are basically lists [i.e. posts]. So it should work as well. However it is a very specific edge case. Without access to your specific set up it is impossible for us to find the cause and solution for this.


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