What is Responsive Web Design and Why do you need it?

Responsive Web Design is a relatively new term to many and though it is floating around quite a bit, a lot of end users do not have an idea of exactly what Responsive Web Design is and why do they need it. In 2013 Responsive Web Design (RWD) is a very important aspect when  you are considering designing or developing a a website – this is due hugely to the growth of smartphones and other mobile devices around the world in last few years. More and more people are using smaller-screen devices (than traditional desktop computers) to access web pages all the time at office or on the go and as a business owner you cannot afford to ignore this trend. The number of people using mobile devices to do all kinds of works on internet will continue to keep growing without exception. That is where the Responsive Web Design (RWD) comes in. If your website does not implement Responsive Web Design technique then you are potentially losing a lot of businesses as chances are that your website looks awful in mobile devices with smaller screen resolutions. The following InfoGraphic on Responsive Web Design sums up the importance of Responsive Web Design, what it is and goes briefly over how it is done in simple terms.

InfoGraphic: What is Responsive Web Design

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