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SelfPub Book Covers

SelfPubBookCovers was founded in 2012 in New York, and launched online in February 2013. Since then, this instant premade bookcover site has become the go-to destination for indie authors to easily find original, high quality pre-made book covers. Every day new covers are added by top artists from around the world, who post their professionally designed covers in a wide range of graphic design styles and genres.


Avant Garde Trading

Avant-Garde Trading continues to challenge the status quo in Brokerages. The days of having to choose between competent, experienced impartial service and cutting edge technology are over.


Jihan Overseas Ltd

Jihan Overseas Ltd (RL # 1104) established Jihan Overseas Training Centre in 2008 and separately sister concern with Virsagi Marine Test Center (Pvt) Ltd


Combat Scams

Combat scams is a task force created jointly by lawyers Haggai Carmon and Nimrod Assif, leaders in the legal battle against scamming binary options companies.


Fashion Optics

Fashion Optics Ltd has continued to raise the bar in Ophthalmic Optics to ensure the highest level of service and deliver the best quality product to its customers.




What QC Did:

  • Business Analysis
  • New, Custom Web Design and User Interface
  • eCommerce
  • Magento Customization

About the Business:

Zjoosh is a new and unique Australian retail concept for women of all ages. We provide a large range of affordable fashion jewelry and accessories that will “Zjoosh” your capsule wardrobe. The idea behind Zjoosh is that a quality simple base wardrobe can be made brave and unique with statement jewelry at an affordable price. Our pieces can be interchanged easily bringing a unique personality to your overall look. Your clothing is the base, and the jewels are the ZJOOSH! Effectively you “decorate yourself”.