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More Leads, Conversions and Satisfied customers! WPBot is the first & only WordPress Integrated, Plug n’ Play ChatBot that can  improve user engagement, provide support, answer questions & increase conversions!

What Can WPBot do for you?
WPBot can converse fluidly with users on website and FB messenger. It can search your website, send/collect eMails, user feedback & phone numbers . You can create Custom Intents from DialogFlow with Rich Messages & Card responses! Use Onsite Retargeting to improve your Conversion rates by showing special offers and coupons on Exit Intent and a lot more!

Pay Once, Use Forever

No Hefty Monthly Fees

All our licenses allow life time usage even if you do not renew.

Fraction of a Cost Compared to Others

Other ChatBots Cost Hundreds

of Dollars Every Month!

Own Your Bot & Data

Own Everything

Nothing is Saved on Our Server.

No Usage Limit

No Limit

on Conversations, Users or Connections!

Required PHP Version: 5.6+
Compatible with: WordPress 4.6+, 5.x
DialogFlow: V2
Compatible with: Any theme

Get WPBot Pro Now!


  • Install on 1 Site
  • 1 Year Auto Upgrades
  • 1 Year Support
  • Life Time Usage Plugin will keep working even if you do not renew!
  • Best for Individuals

US$ 35.00 US$ 25.00 for each 1 year Add to cart


  • Install on Up to 100 Sites
  • Lifetime Auto Upgrades
  • Lifetime Priority Support
  • Life Time Usage
  • Best for Power Users
Special Price for a Limited Time Only!

US$ 112.00 US$ 88.00Add to cart


  • Install on 5 Sites
  • 1 Year Auto Upgrades
  • 1 Year Support
  • Life Time Usage Plugin will keep working even if you do not renew!
  • Best for Agencies & Multisites

US$ 55.00 for each 1 year Add to cart

Next Generation ChatBot for WordPress

Conversational user experience is the future of technology. Enter WPBot – a new way of user interaction that allows your WordPress website to connect with your users on a personal level while creating a more natural interaction that mimics the physical world. 24/7/365 WPBot can provide Intelligent live chat support and interact with your users. Use the bot notification and the on-site Retargeting feature to get your users focus on a product or service that you offer or subscribe to your newsletters.

Increase customer satisfaction, Collect eMails and reduce costs to scale both on your website & FaceBook Messenger!

What Does WPBot Offer?

Personalized, Persistent, 24/7 ChatBot

A personalized welcome message goes a long way to light up one’s day. WPBot can greet returning users or show your message in the notification area. What is worse than not having a live chat on your website? It is getting a “No one is Available to Chat” message. WPBot is always there to help your site users.

Artificial Intelligence & NLP

WPBot is Intelligent. Fully integrated with Google’s Natural Language Processing throughDialogFlow. It is capable of Small Talk and can carry on a conversation without frustrating the user. Rich messages and Card responses are supported. Automatically syncs with your Dialogflow agent and initial training data is bundled with the plugin for a head start.

Integration with ive chat systems

Want to offer your site users with options to reach out to you for live support? WPBot can integrate with Facebook messenger and almost any other 3rd party Live Chat systems like Tawk.to. A fully integrated Live Chat AddOn is also available.

Useful AddOns to Power Up

WPBot pro comes with a lot of useful and practical features. However, if you need even more features they are available as ChatBot addons like Live Chat, Messenger Integration, White labeling, Extended custom post type search etc.!

Plug n' Play, Easy and Quick

Usually chatbots need extensive training and integration. WPBot is plug n’ play. If your website is in English language – you can simply Install WPBot, set your email and you are ready to go. For other languages – you can change all the bot responses from the backend in 15 minutes.

Onsite Retargeting, Exit Intent Popup

Recover up to 15% of Abandoning Visitors with Onsite Retargeting. Show your special offers, newsletter subscription or coupons on user Exit Intent, Time Interval or Page Scroll Down inside the ChatBot window. Up to 25% of retargeted visitors will respond to your message and turn into customers.

Many Embedding Options

WPBot can be embedded as widget, Click to chat text link, or even on other websites including Static HTML or any PHP based system or other CMSs. Own multiple websites or just want to let other people use your Bot on their websites? Now you can!

Service with a Smile

Add animated gifs and youtube videos to spice up the conversations! Simply paste any image (jpg or animated gif from giphy) or youtube video’s full link inside the ChatBot’s Language Center or your Dialogflow intent responses & they will start displaying inside the ChatBot!

Featured WPBot AddOn

You can Extend WPwBot with powerful ChatBot addons. The Conversational Form Maker is the newest addition. Use the Conversational form builder AddOn to create conversations and forms for a native WordPress ChatBot experience without any 3rd party integrations. Conversational forms can also be emailed to you. Conversational form builder pro version supports conditional logic, variables and a lot more to create interactive conversations and forms inside the ChatBot!

WPBot Works Based on Two Types of User Intents for Natural Language Commands.

Predefined intents can work without integration to DialogFlow API and AI. These are readily available as soon as you install the plugin and can be turned on or off individually.

Advanced Site Search

This is the default user intents. WPBot will conduct an advanced website search and try to match user queries with your website contents and show results.

Send eMail, Call Me Back & Feedback Collection

Users can send a email to the site admin directly from the Chat window for customer support. The Call Me Back feature lets you get call requests from your customers which will be emailed to you. You can also use WPBot to collect Feedback from your customers regarding anything!

Frequently Asked Questions

Create a set of Frequently Asked Questions or FAQ so users can quickly find answers to the most common questions they have.

Newsletter Subscription

WPBot can prompt User for eMail subscription. Link this with your Retargeting ChatBot window popup and a special offer. People can register their email address that you can later export as CSV! GDPR compliant with unsubscribe option from the ChatBot!

Custom Intents You Create from the DialogFlow

Initial Training Data is included inside the plugin to give you a head start!
Intents created in Dialogflow give you the power to build a truly human like, intelligent and comprehensive chatbot. Build any type of Intents and Responses (including rich message responses) directly in DialogFlow and train the bot accordingly. When you create custom intents and responses in DialogFlow, WPBot will automatically display them when user inputs match with your Custom Intents along with the responses you created. You can also build Rich responses by enabling Facebook messenger Response option.


In addition you can also Enable Advanced Chained Question and Answers using follow up Intents, Contexts, Entities etc. and then have resulting answers from your users emailed to you. This feature lets you create a a series of questions in DialogFlow that will be asked by the bot and based on the user inputs a response will be displayed.

WPBot also supports Rich responses using Facebook Messenger integration. This allows you to display Image, Cards, Quick Text Reply or Custom PayLoad inside the ChatBot window. You can also insert an image or youtube video link inside the DialogFlow responses and they will be automatically rendered by the WPBot!

More WPBot Features

Schedule Your ChatBot

Schedule the day and time during which the WPBot will operate. Run the Bot with another Live chat support system. You can schedule WPBot to run only when you are not available for Live chat – ensure that your shoppers are never left hanging for an answer.

Notification Builder

Create small notification messages that will be shown by the WPBot icon as slides. Great feature to announce special offers and services to anyone and make more sales by increasing user awareness.

ShortCode for Page

Load WPBot on a page itself with shortcode. This feature allow to create a single landing page for shoppers to add your products to cart & checkout!

Integrated FaceBook Messenger Live Chat

Integrate FaceBook Messenger experience directly into your website. This allows your customers to interact with your business with personalized, rich-media experience they get on FaceBook Messenger Live Chat! This feature is completely optional.

Skype, WhatsApp, Viber, Web Link & Phone Call Icon Integration

You can also Enable quick icons for Skype, WhatsApp, Viber, Web Link & Phone Call with the chat window. If you provide support through any of those channels then this is a great way to serve your customers by adding multiple options to contact you!

Language Support

MO/Pot file included but not really necessary unless you want to translate the backend as well. Every Chat Bot response and system texts can be edited from the WoowBot backend easily and quickly. RTL is also supported!

Collect eMail Addresses

Let people share their eMail address conversing with the Bot! Use the retargeting feature to prompt users with an enticing offer. eMail addresses are saved in the database that can be exported as CSV file.

Image and Youtube Support

Simply paste any image (jpg or animated gif from giphy) or youtube video’s full link inside the ChatBot’s Language Center or your Dialogflow intent responses & they will start displaying inside the ChatBot!

ChatBot Styles

Choose from 4 modern chat window templates. Upload your own background image. Add multiple variations of ChatBot responses for each node that will be used randomly to give an appearance of human like responses.

Increase User Conversion with the WPBot

Besides intelligent chat, search and help features WPBot can increase your user conversions up to 25% with its smart retargeting messages for your offers.

1. Track Visitor Behavior

When a visitor lands on your
website, WPBot begins tracking
that visitor’s behavior.

2. Detect Exiting Visitors

Our exit intent technology allows
WPBot to determine the exact
moment a visitor is attempting
to leave your page.

3. Display Targeted Offer

Once an exit intent has been triggered,
WPBot displays a targeted offer to
your visitor that s/he cannot refuse!

4. Boost Conversions

Up to 25% of retargeted visitors will
respond to your offer and turn
into paid users of your website!

WPBot Lite VS Professional Version

  • WPBot Lite
  • WPBot Pro

Main Features

  • Create your own floating chatbot just by installing and activating the plugin
  • Lightweight and super fast as it uses the Dialogflow Agent API to process natural language queries.
  • Display Responses for Intents you created in DialogFlow
  • Supports any languages including RTL
  • Add hyperlinks in response message content using HTML markup.
  • Change all the bot responses from language settings
  • Set on which pages the chat bot will display
  • Fine tune the floating icon position
  • Upload Custom Icon
  • Built in Intent to Show a List of FAQ or Frequently Asked Questions defined by you
  • Built in Intent to Let users email you any question or feedback they may have
  • Built in Intent to Let users leave their phone number so you can call them back

WPBot WordPress Plugin Features

  • Advanced, fast Site search of your pages and posts to answer user questions
  • Google Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning or AI Engine with DialogFlow
  • Natural Language Processing through Google’s Dialog Flow
  • Automatically supports Custom Intents and Responses You Create in Dialog Flow
  • Automatically supports Follow Up Intents and step by step Question Answers through Dialogflow custom Intents
  • Automatically supports Rich Message Response & Card Responses from Dialogflow as FaceBook messenger app
  • Automatically supports images (jpgs, animated gifs) and Youtube Videos from DialogFlow Intent Responses
  • Automatically supports images (jpgs, animated gifs) and Youtube Videos from ChatBot Language Settings Responses
  • Simply paste any image (jpg or gif) or youtube video’s full link
  • Add images from your WordPress media library or Giphy animated gif images easily and quickly from the ChatBot language center with the floating image options
  • Fine tune WPBot icon position by pixels or percentages
  • Option to choose on which pages WPBot should load
  • Option to Auto Open Chatbot Window For First Time Page Load
  • Ability to click a text link to open the ChatBot using shortcode
  • Upload custom ChatBot icon
  • Upload custom Agent icon
  • Choose from 5 design templates for ChatBot interface
  • Option to disable WPBot on Mobile Devices
  • Option to Disable Persistent Chat History across pages
  • Option to Enable/Disable Site Search, Call Me, eMail, FAQ, newsletter subscription etc. ready intents
  • Show or Hide Opening Notifications
  • Option to Skip Greeting and Asking Name and eMail
  • Option to Skip Greeting for logged in users only.
  • Option to enable/disable asking for eMail address after asking name
  • Upload your own background image for chatbot
  • Create FAQ area with multiple questions and answers (supports html)
  • Add video in Support area just by pasting Youtube link
  • Add multiple site notifications to show above the ChatBot icon
  • Quick access to Support ares of the ChatBot
  • Quick Help for commands that can be used in-chat
  • Admin customizable chat commands
  • Stop Words dictionary included and editable by admin. Bot will automatically exclude stop words from search criteria and chat commands
  • Advanced Language Center to edit and change every WPBot responses, System languages, stop words and info messages!
  • Add multiple variations of ChatBot responses for each node. They will be used randomly and give an appearance of more human like responses.
  • Persistent chat history over shopper session on website
  • Option to Disable persistent chat history (Chat history is reset in every page)
  • Remember chat history in browser local storage and greet returning users
  • Shortcode for WPBot on a Page or post (without floating icon)
  • Option to Open pages in new or same window from search results
  • Any Language support. mo/pot file included so you can translate to any language
  • RTL support
  • Light Integration with FaceBook Messenger for Live Chat
  • Light Integration with Skype, WhatsApp, Viber, Web Link & Phone Call
  • Call me back – customer leaves phone number.
  • Collect Customer Feedback by email option.
  • Collect User eMail for newsletter Subscription
  • GDPR compliance (message with link to Privacy page)
  • Unsubscibe Command
  • Advanced Name Recognition
  • Sample DialogFlow Agent for quick import
  • Prompt User for eMail subscription with Retargeting Nessage
  • Export eMail Addresses as CSV
  • Onsite retargeting and remarketing to increase customer conversion rate.
  • Enable/Disable retargeting message sound
  • Out of focus Browser tab flashing with custom message for retargeting messages
  • Show retargeting messages for customer on Exit Intent, After Scrolling Down “X” Percent, Or after “X” seconds.
  • Custom Background color for retargeting messages.
  • Connect retargeting messages with any custom intent created in DialogFlow
  • Schedule day and time when WPBot will run. Make WPBot work with other Live chat software.
  • Embed code to use the ChatBot  on any other website including static HTML website
  • Integrate with 3rd party Live Chat services that provides a stand alone chat page link like Tawk.to
  • Option to hide the support and other icons from the ChatBot footer
  • Plugin Auto Upgrades from WordPress backend


  • Install on 1 Site
  • 1 Year Auto Upgrades
  • 1 Year Priority Support
  • Life Time Usage
  • Best for Individuals

US$ 35.00 US$ 25.00 for each 1 year Add to cart


  • Install on Up to 100 Sites
  • Lifetime Auto Upgrades
  • Lifetime Priority Support
  • Life Time Usage
  • Best for Power Users
Special Price for a Limited Time Only!

US$ 112.00 US$ 88.00Add to cart


  • Install on 5 Sites
  • 1 Year Auto Upgrades
  • 1 Year Priority Support
  • Life Time Usage
  • Best for Agencies & Multisites

US$ 55.00 for each 1 year Add to cart

FB Messenger

Live Chat

White Label

Chat Sessions

Extended Search

And More!

We Provide Custom Feature and Customization Service for This PlugIn. Want to Extend WPBot ?

Pre-sale Questions? Feature Suggestions? Support of Bug Fix Requests? Simply Shoot Us a Mail

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