Web Design Technology Options:

Since the inception of internet various technologies have been invented, used and some also became out of fashion or obsolete to be replaced by more advanced technologies to develop websites. As a client it is helpful for you to learn the different techniques and major technologies that can be used to develop your web site because the techniques and the tools affect the cost and time of development and also influence viewer impression and site traffics. To understand the advantages and disadvantages of different web development techniques and options better, following is a comparison chart. You can also use our web design cost calculatior to get an idea of how much your website development may cost you.



Static xhtml Website Dynamic/CMS Website Responsive Web Design
Full Flash
Cost Most cost effective. We can develop 7-10 page site with sliders, contact form etc. for about USD 300-400 We can develop 20-30 page CMS based information websites with sliders, blog, member area etc. for about USD 500-700 Both static and dynamic websites can be developed with Responsive Web Design Techniques. It costs about USD 150-300 extra for static or dynamic websites This technology is now obsolete. Flash is not being used to develop websites these days except for special cases.
We can develop 7-10 page full flash site for about USD 550-750
Time About 7-10 days About 2-3 weeks About 5-7 days extra About 14-21 days
SEO Search engine friendly Very search engine friendly Very Search engine friendly Not at all search engine friendly
Impression Can be made impressive with the right use of graphics and JavaScript animations Can be made impressive with the right use of graphics Most impressive. Your website looks stunning on every kind of mobile device and desktop computers Can be most impressive with a professional animation
Compatibility Compatible with all browsers Compatible with all browsers Compatible with all modern browsers Flash plug-in has a 98% user penetration.
Scalability Not very scalable. You must contact your web design company for adding new pages or making the smallest changes in any of your page contents Very scalable. You can add new pages yourself and add or edit existing contents easily Scalable – depends on whether your website is static or dynamic/CMS based Time consuming to add new contents and sections
Most Suitable for Small brochure websites that need to be launched very quickly and will not need frequent updates All kinds of websites. All websites should be developed with Responsive Web Design Technology in today’s world Presentation, Websites that do not need SEO
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