Looking for the best team of jQuery developers and programmers?

You found it. At QC we know JavaScript and AJAX because we have experience in building powerful web applications for our clients. And our main tool to build powerful as well as beautiful web applications with JavaScript and/or AJAX is jQuery. jQuery is an awesome and ultra-light framework or JavaScript library for developing highly interactive Websites with native AJAX support. The jQuery framework is the most popular JavaScript library in use today, It is widely used and it is so versatile that technology giants like Google and Microsoft have started integrating it in their own products and IDEs. If you are looking for Rich User Experience and Usability jQuery is a must have technology to use.

The basic idea behind jQuery is simple: write less UI (User Interface) code and focus more on the business process and the back end itself. This technique allows the jQuery framework to handle cross-browser differences, special effects that manipulate the UI, and centralized event handling very smoothly and extremely efficiently. In a nutshell, jQuery is a cross-browser JavaScript library that is designed from ground up to simplify the client-side scripting as much as practically feasible. Syntax of jQuery is designed for making it easy for the programmers to navigate a document, for selecting DOM elements, to create animations, for handling different events, as well as for developing Ajax based applications. Today jQuery has almost replaced Flash to develop web based animations and effect.

QuantumCloud is constantly on the cutting edge of technology frontier that will further enhance the services and functionality we provide. jQuery is one of such technologies. We offer cross-browser compatible custom plug-in development as well as customization of wonderful and open source jQuery plugins developed by others. We also use jQuery for Rich Internet Application development and mobile application development. QC has one of the best teams of jQuery developers and programmers around and we are proud of them. Contact the jQuery web development company for your next rich web application development.