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Portfolio X - Pro

An advanced portfolio manager

Thank you for purchasing our item. If you have any questions that are beyond the scope of this help file, please feel free to email via our user page contact info form here. We truly hope our plugin increases the value of your website!

What Portfolio X?

Portfolio X is an advanced portfolio with streamlined workflow and unique designs and templates to show your works or projects. Project Showcase and Widgets are included. This free WordPress Portfolio plugin was designed and developed with user-friendliness in mind. Just add some images and descriptions of your works and the plugin will automatically show them in a nice, engaging format.

Portfolio X comes packed with 4 different and unique Responsive templates, showcase template, ready widgets and an advanced "Shortcode generator". You will love them all.

This is a new, elegant and unique way to showcase your projects that will help bring you more projects and clients for your company!

The plugin is under active development. We will release more features soon!

Who is it for?

Portfolio X is a must have plugin for you if you are a:


Where Can Portfolio X be Used?

Portfolio X is one of the Best, Most Creative and Free WordPress Portfolio Plugins available. It can also be used as:

Image gallery, Photography Gallery, Art Gallery, Creative Works Gallery, Client Gallery

Photo Gallery, Photo album, Photo portfolio, Design Studio, Featured works

Work Showcase, Project Showcase, , Client Showcase, and of course,

You can install "Portfolio - X Pro" plugin by following some simple and easy steps.

Please find '' file inside your downloaded package and install it following the steps below: -


From your WordPress dashboard:

  1. Visit 'Plugins > Add New'
  2. Click on 'Upload'
  3. Click on 'Browse' button and then select '' from file upload window
  4. Then click 'Install Now' button. The plugin will be installed within some moments.
  5. Then click 'Activate Plugin' link to activate the installed 'Portfolio X - Pro' plugin.

Manual Installation:

  1. 'Upload / Copy'  '' file to your 'wp-content\plugins' folder
  2. Unzip the '' file
  3. Visit 'Plugins -> Installed Plugins' from your site dashboard
  4. Find 'Portfolio X - Pro' in the plugins list, and activate it by clicking on 'Activate' link

Important: Only follow the upgrade section if you want to upgrade your plugin from FREE version to PRO version. Otherwise please ignore this UPGRADE section below.


To upgrade your "Portfolio-X" plugin from FREE version to PRO version please follow the below steps: [Please follow only FIRST METHOD or only SECOND METHOD, however, FIRST METHOD is more convenient and recommended.]

First Method:

  1. Download the latest pro version of the plugin from website
  2. Log in to your WordPress admin area and go to the Plugins management page.
  3.  Deactivate and Delete the old version of the plugin (don’t worry – your data is safe)
  4. Upload and Activate the latest pro version of the plugin
  5. You are done.

After installing 'Portfolio X - Pro' plugin, you can manage your like directory and items as below -


Simple Steps to get Started:

There are basically two things to do:

  1. Create a Portfolio
  2. Then create Portfolio Items and assign them under your created portfolio


How to create a Portfolio:


How to add an Item under a Portfolio:

To display Portfolio in your post/page, you need to use the shortcode.

You can use shortcode button [in your TinyMCE] editor to pick and customize the shortcode with available parameters. Or, you can use/copy shortcode example from below.

View of Shortcode Generator is as below:


Example of a Shortcode:


Example 01:  [portfolio-x portfolio="4"]


Example 02:  [portfolio-x mode="portfolio" portfolio="4" theme_style="template-01" orderby="date" order="ASC"]


Example 03:  [portfolio-x-showcase mode="showcase" template="style-02" orderby="date" order="ASC"]


Please Note: Shortcode Generator is the most convenient way to insert shortcode to display portfolio or showcase. We suggest you to use that generator.


Available Shortcode Parameters, for Portfolio/Showcase:


01. mode

Example: mode="portfolio",  or  mode="showcase"

It specify how you want to use this shortcode, to display portfolio. or to display showcase


02. portfolio="4"

ID of the portfolio, if you are using this shortcode to display a Portfolio, not a showcase.


03. theme_style="template-01"

You can override the set theme style of the portfolio by using this parameter.

Accepted Values: "template-01" to "template-15"

04. orderby 
Compatible order by values: 'ID', 'author', 'title', 'name', 'type', 'date', 'modified', 'rand' and 'menu_order'.

Default is: menu_order

05. order 
Value for this option can be set as "ASC" for Ascending or "DESC" for Descending order.

07. template="style-02"

Use this parameter to choose showcase template only. Ommit it for a portfolio.

Accepted Values: "style-01"  to  "style-07"

You can access settings page from - "Dashboard' --> 'Portfolio-X' --> "Settings"

Settings options are Self Expanatory as their titles. Available settings options are as below:


Settings option has multiple tabs:

  1. SETTINGS: to apply global settings
  2. FONTS: to apply global font configurations
  3. TEMPLATE CUSTOMIZER: to customize different templates
  4. CUSTOM CSS: to add any custom stylesheet codes
  5. HELP: to get some brief help



01. Show All Portfolio Links at Top

Display all of your available portfolio link at the top of the portfolio


02. Items Per Page

How many portfolio items you want to show per page. Default, 5


03. Link Listing Title

To link or not the portfolio item title during display.


04. How to View Portfolio Details?

How to open the portfolio details. Via popup window or via a separate page


05. Top Buttons background Color

Background color of the top buttons. i.e. Portfolio Links


06. Top Buttons background Color on Mouseover


07. Top Buttons Shadow Color

Shadow color of the top buttons


And other color configurations are available. These are self explanatory as per their titles.


There are 16 templates for Portfolio, and 07 templates for displaying Showcase.


Portfolio Templates:


01. Template 01


02. Template 02


03. Template 03


04. Template 04


05. Template 05


06. Template 06


07. Template 07


08. Template 08


09. Template 09


10. Template 10


11. Template 11


12. Template 12


13. Template 13


14. Template 14


15. Template 15


16. Template 16



Showcase Styles


01. Style 01


02. Style 02


03. Style 03


04. Style 04


05. Style 05


06. Style 06


07. Style 07

These are two available widets you can use.


To use widgets, go to "Appearence --> Widgets"


01. Widget 01


02. Widget 02

To get instant support, you can email us at:

Any feedback or feature requests are most welcome. We will try to incorporate your valuable suggestions with our item.


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