Comment Link Remove WordPress Plugin

Comment Link Remove WordPress plugin removes author link and any other links from the user comments. If you run a blog or WordPress website with comments enabled, there is no getting away from comment spammers.

Comment Link Remove (CLR)

Usually the comment spammers main goal is to get a do-follow or no-follow link from your website. Comment Link Remove WordPress plugin empowers you with the options to remove author website hyperlink and cleaning up any links from the comment itself. The URLs will still be visible but they just won’t be hyperlinked. This free WordPress plugin will greatly discourage comment spammers fishing for links from your super great blog articles.




You can individually choose to turn on/off the following options:

  1. Remove WEBSITE Field from Comment Form
  2. Remove hyper-link from comment AUTHOR
  3. Disable turning URLs into hyper-links in comments
  4. Remove HTML Link Tags in comments
  5. Disable Comments Globally
  6. Hide Existing Comments
  7. Open Comment Links in New Tab
  8. Delete pending comments with one click
  9. Delete all comments with one click * Delete All Spam Comments in One Click


Protect your blog from comment spammers.


Download Comment Link Remove plugin from WordPress repository.

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